Sunday, 4 September 2011

Design C.V

I remember being told in University about the importance of having a 'design c.v'. It's debatable whether or not they're really that helpful for illustration as the individual's ability really should be judged on their portfolio rather than the till assistant job they've had at Mcdonald's since 6th Form, but having one is probably better than nothing.
I contacted yet another British based design agency about an internship and sure enough got no reply (although being in Korea probably didn't help my odds too much) but sending them my C.V as just a text file wasn't the most pro-active approach I could've taken. Considering this I decided I'd go nuts and make a painfully minimal, unique C.V that utilizes Photoshop, Flash and In design.
If I'm lucky this might take the odds of me being ignored from a whopping 90% down to maybe 60.

Anyway, all the stuff about me slots into the sections of the head, and I'm going to have a self portrait covering the top that has a level of translucency which disappears as you move the cursor over it, revealing all the self important garbage underneath talking about how awesome I think I am.