Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A Bit of work done at work, haven't been fired as of yet, but I make a point of closing my sketchbook quickly if I see anyone with a suit walking past.
This is a retake of a project I did with some fellow artists on my degree last year as an animation.
I've adjusted the design a little and thought what it would be like if civilization lived in the worn out cast-iron shells of giant robots left over from some sort of great war.
Might develop it a bit. This robot is Europe, as you can see, and the remnants of our continent live inside it. Global warming has covered most of the Earth so the robot is immersed in water.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Newcastle city hall, come on MP's, buy a print. You know you fancy a bit of that.

Still convinced I can have multiple styles, here's some new architectural drawing. Found out about this building site near me that was once Jesmond Picture House, now knocked down to make a new set of office blocks (charming). Got a few snaps of the place before they smashed it, and knocked these images up. I'm thinking I might extend them to an entire study of what the place was like during it's heyday. It's a typical story of a listed building which was deliberately left to fall into disrepair so that the local Council would have a reason to knock it down and sell the land.
Anyway, here's before and after, although the before isn't massively clear. Think I'll keep whipping these up though, it's therapeutic.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

3 new self directed images. The first two are mostly referring to how I feel about full time work, and the third is representational of the old industries which died out in the 1980's.