Monday, 29 August 2011

Coming Home

Got a 48 hour deadline from Novel, thankfully with me having no elementary kids to teach this week it wasn't murder trying to get this done.
The article 'coming home' discusses the issues my generation in particular are facing with too much choice but also a general lack of money alongside difficulties finding work.

This is paired with the ongoing need to return home, which in the writer's case is Newcastle. It's also the case with me as well, so this need to return home after living abroad (the case with me as well) or between jobs is particularly common with people from my area. I imagine it's largely the case everywhere as well, but like the writer and other locals I can't help but get the feeling I'll always be returning to the north east of England for one reason or another.

The section I decided to go with relates to a government statistic she mentions referred to as 'kippers'. Another fadish government acronym, kipper's means 'kids in their parent's pockets' and refers to a certain demographic of young people who purposely choose to stay at home because of the ideal conditions and the fact that they can't find work or face squalor elsewhere.