Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Robert Moog

Anyone familiar with synthesizers really should also be familiar with Robert Moog. He was monumental in the development of synthesizers and initially made custom built monophonic synthesizers for many of the big bands during the 60's.
I doubt any of the big 80's synth bands would have produced anything without the ground breaking technological developments he made.
Anyway, it's obvious that there's another theme developing here but I'm trying to produce an image with both Walter and Robert in, as they were good friends and Walter Carlos (now Wendy) helped Robert Moog refine the technology as she produced pieces of music using it.
Wendy Carlos had a custom build Moog in her house and much of her incredible soundtracks were produced using Moog technology.
This is my first attempt at drawing Robert. As a stand alone piece it's ok but I haven't quite captured him yet.
Beats drawing Korea for the minute anyway, I need a break from sprawling urban scenery.