Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Jazz and Draw - Duke Ellington

Got a message from the 'Jazz and Draw' blog a couple of months ago asking if I'd submit a piece of work to their on going project. Seeing the quality of the illustrations on the site it seemed a total waste not to get involved, but I was in the process of sorting all my crap out for going back to England for Christmas and didn't have time to work on it during December.
Anyway, I got my act together the other day and began working on this. Needless to say I know little to nothing about jazz, but I came across Duke Ellington and decided I'd go with a play on his name, and researched the British duke's traditional cornet to see what the standard design was.
I then thought I'd do a 'piano themed' crown seeing as it was his main instrument and added the typeface on the bottom in white.
I'm proper mugged off with Wordpress, still trying to get my head around the templates for my new website.
You can view more work from jazz and draw at jazzanddraw.com. There's a fantastic range of illustrators featured there.