Thursday, 13 October 2011

Collaborative project with Jong-Eun Lee

I'm well excited to announce that I'm doing some work with Korean artist Jong-Eun Lee who's had a long running manwha series for the last 10 years. I've never had an opportunity like this before, and hopefully it will lead to some really interesting results.
Her work can be viewed here:

Here's the first piece I've produced so far, but I'm redoing it from scratch using a completely different photo so the end result won't resemble this at all. It's just a test really.
I'm going to examine Korean pop culture, and hopefully use what I've learned in the last year to add some social satire as well.
The girl in this image is IU, one of the most famous current K-pop stars. I don't know too much about K-pop stars, but I can say that they generally have an extremely short life span and go out of fashion within a couple of years. From what I've observed I think I can honestly say that it's more about fashion than music, and many have plastic surgery to maintain their looks. IU is only 18, and most K-pop stars are in the 17-24 category, usually being replaced with younger versions as they age.